Settlement on the plateau

Érd is known as a greenbelt residential area. If one would look over the low hills of the city from a bird’s view, it is surprising, that for the 60 thousand people living there, the city spreads out on an enormous 60 square-kilometers.
The Plateau of Érd and Tétény lies between the northern border of Mezőföld and the southern edge of the Buda-hills. On these plateau lies the dynamically expanding settlement of Érd and its surrounding villages: Sóskút, Törökbálint and Diósd. The city’s natural eastern border is the River Danube. The geographical coordinates of the city are: 18o52’50” longitude in the East, and 47o21’28” latitude in the North.
The most notable natural condition is the omnipresent Sarmatic limestone, which is 10-12 million years old, from the Mid-Miocene age. It is also a proof, that at that time, sea covered the area.
The fossils prove, that 15-16 million years ago, there was indeed a salty sea covering the suburbs. The highest point of the Érd-Tétény Plateau is the limestone hill, Iharos-hegy, which is 334 meters tall. It is rare, that one can observe the 10-15 meters thick lajta limestone on a layer of sand and gravel. The structure is visible in its natural form, at the cave of Szidónia Hill at Érdliget.
This limestone plateau took its current shape about 2 million years ago. In the Pleistocene era, the north-western winds covered the plateau with fine, yellow dust, loess. For millennia, the loess was washed into the valleys of the plateau. Today there are only small spots left of the ancient loess-cover.
The “Magas-part” is a special site of Érd.
The famous geographer, Dénes Balázs founded the Hungarian Geographical Museum in Érd, funding it himself. There are several local-historical relics in the museum. The statues of the museum – by Munkácsy-awarded Károly Antal and Béla Domonkos – stand for the globetrotting scientists of Hungary. Dénes Balázs was among the first, who initiated the preservation and publicity of Érd’s natural values.
The Czabai Garden is a registered national park, which guards the remaining trees of the once famous Hamzsabég Woods, thanks to its caring owner, Balázs Czabai. Another atmospheric place is the Beliczay Island, with its flooded woods representing the untouched beauty of nature.







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