Szirmok for 24 years

When it was first created, the choir was called Érdi Pedagógus Női Kar (Pedagogue Female Choir of Érd); since 1984 it has run under the leadership of Flóra Szabóné Bozóki. Already in 1985 we participated in a qualifier concert, where we received a golden degree. Later our numbers widened with non-pedagogical members, and from 1988 the choir is called SZIRMOK Városi és Pedagógus Női Kar (SZIRMOK Municipal and Pedagogue Female Choir).
Our repertoire is exceptionally wide: we sing all kinds of female choir pieces from the Middle Ages (e.g. Palestrina) to contemporary Hungarian composers. It is worth to mention József Karai’s name, whose work can often be heard at our concerts. We take pride in the piece that Karai wrote with dedication to our choir and chorister by setting Transylvanian poet István Csuka’s poem, “Esti harang” (“Night Bell”) to music.

Our performances vary in kind. We often participate in city events, complying with every request gladly. We have sung at exhibitions, charitable concerts, statue consecrations, ceremonies, and numerous other events. We give advent and Christmas concerts every December. On two occasions we performed at the Academy of Music, at the event “Pedagógusok a Békéért” (Pedagogue for Peace) in 1990, and in 1997 at the 50th anniversary of the Pedagógus Kórusmozgalom (Pedagogue Choir Movement).

Twice a year, usually in the spring and autumn, we prepare for the Országos Pedagógus Kórustalálkozó (National Pedagogue Choir Meeting). On these occasions we compete against excellently prepared choirs; therefore, the choir is continuously measured.
We also travelled to foreign countries: first in 1989 to the Finnish town of Jäppilä, where we were the guests of a chamber choir. We participated in an international festival in 2001 in Mödling, Austria, and in 2003 we gave our own concert in Mariazell. Upon the invitation of the choir of Reformed Church of Kolozsmonostor, we travelled to Kolozsvár in the autumn of 2004. We established a twin choir relationship with them. We have had such relationship from the very beginning (for example, with the choir from Hajdúnánás, Csurgó and Ajka).

The choir celebrated its 10th and 20th anniversaries marvellously. We also invited our twin choirs for these events. In April, 2005, the three choirs of Érd celebrated together: the 25th anniversary of the Minaret Male Choir, the 20th anniversary of Szirmok, and 5th anniversary of Harmonia Celestis. Among the guest participants were the Wind Orchestra of Érd, the Female Choir of Ajka, the Female Choir of Csurgó, the Reformed Choir of Kolozsvár, and the Male Choir of Törökbálint. Another event took place in the same month: we sang the Hungarian and Croatian national anthems, the latter in Croatian, of course, at the adult Hungarian and Croatian rugby World Cup qualifying match.

The most interesting event of 2006 was the concert organized at the Körösi Csoma Sándor Elementary School, in which the choir of Poynton, the English twin city of Érd, called the St. George’s Singers also participated. We received an invitation to England from them, with which, according to our plans, we can comply.

In 2007 we gave an Easter concert with the String Orchestra of the Town Conservatoire; on 9th and 10th of June we travelled to Mátészalka to the Országos Pedagógus Kórusfesztivál (National Pedagogue Choir Festival). In December our advent-Christmas performance was in the Catholic Church of New Town.

In the spring of 2008 we appeared with the Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatoire and the Gadium Female Choir from Tárnok in the frames of the Lent Concert.
Our choir has ran for 24 years thanks to the strenuous work of the members and the choir leader that ensured wonderful performances and to the contribution of the local city government and our supporters. Our community is held together by the love for singing; we enjoy going to practices, and we also meet for friendly chats and singing. This is what we value the most, and this is what we will continue in the future.
We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the choir next year. We would like to comply with the invitation of the choir the English twin city in March 2009, to celebrate this occasion. We are searching for supporters and sponsors to achieve this goal.

Szirmok Choir